Richard W. Young

Hi, I will probably be your first contact with our office. During our initial conversation, I attempt to determine the best way we assist you. I started my career with the Law Office of Richard Young in May of 1999.

I wear lots of hats in this office and have many responsibilities. One of the major things I do is assist Richard Young with all of our clients who have been arrested and are facing court proceedings. It is challenging to work with clients in such stressful matters. Richard and I work closely with our clients throughout the entire proceeding and are sometimes in contact with them after the case has ended. We encourage our clients to make appropriate life-choice decisions, so they won't need our services for any future arrests. However, if they do, they are always welcome to call us.

I completed the Paralegal Studies program at Truckee Meadows Community College, to sharpen and enhance my legal skills.

I have been married since 1985 to my husband Steve. I feel fortunate to work in such a lovely environment, with such a committed and loyal staff and employer, Richard Young.

Brenda Yohn